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Facts,News / September 14, 2021

international traffic

International traffic exceeds 60G for the first time!

AFR-IX telecom’s international traffic exceeds 60G due to the demand for capacity in South Africa, Namibia or Sierra Leone.

This September, our international traffic has exceeded 60G!

This represents an increase of 50% compared to the same date last year.

According to Armen Durgaryan, Network Manager at AFR-IX telecom, Africa is experiencing a growing demand for capacity, driven by the rise of international traffic and high bandwidth services such as social networking, cloud computing and video. Meeting this hunger for bandwidth requires not only additional capacity, but a cost-efficient infrastructure that enables internet service providers to support and monetize new service offerings.

The data shows that this increase in demand is due to the growth of high-capacity IP Transit services in countries such as South Africa, Gambia, Nigeria, São Tomé and Sierra Leone.