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Why AFR-IX Telecom

Open Regional Metro Ethernet Network

AFR-IX telecom has the largest Pan African Network

Service quality

NOC (Network Operations Center)
  • Goal: to ensure the availability of networks that support all AFR-IX telecom services
  • Located in Europe
  • Coverage 24x7x365
  • Escalation Matrix

NOC office

SLAs (Service Level Agreements)
  • Our client wellbeing is measured by the SLA, achieving a high level of satisfaction in every action
  • Commitment to achieve some indicators in certain levels of quality: availability & packet loss

System status

Online Monitoring
  • AFR-IX telecom offers tools to check the status of the services: online and on time

Online monitoring

What else differentiates AFR-IX telecom?

Excellent Partners

Excellent Partners

Our clients are our partners from the first minute. We satisfy clients from many segments: Tier 1 carriers, local companies or corporates.

Experienced team

Experienced Team

AFR-IX Telecom field engineers are dedicated to assisting and developing network solutions on the ground. They actively hire local engineers CCNP certified.

AFR-IX everywhere

AFR-IX everywhere

Local presence providing global Managed Services options and solutions. We have offices in almost all west African countries.

Protection & Resilient protocols

Protection & Resilient protocols

Security, privacy, redundancy and fast connectivity are all guaranteed by our network of experts and local partners.

Extensive Network

Pan African Network

Our extensive network covered with terrestrial and submarine cables, allows us to be the number one Telecom operating service in Africa.

One Single Point of Contact

One single Point of Contact

Your project is taken care of by all members of the team. We stimulate a complete flexibility and 360º degree information sharing.

equal opportunity

Equal Employment Opportunity Company

AFR-IX telecom is committed to boost African local employment and local talent. AFR-IX  telecom Subsidiaries Executives are high-level qualified people.

AFR-IX telecom LLC is at SAM

AFR-IX telecom LLC (USA) /117030400/8RQT7 has been active in the U.S. federal government's System for Award Management (SAM) since October 2020.

SAM logo

Europe's Fastest Growing Companies

The European AFR-IX telecom company is the 16th fastest growing telecom company in the FT 1000, the 2021 annual list published by the Financial Times.


testimonial[...] This recognition helps AFR-IX telecom build trust in markets like Africa, helping us to continue our mission to offer an international high quality and personalized internet and data services to corporates and telecommunications in the continent" said Norman Albi.

Europe's Fastest company

Our Suppliers & Partners

The Network quality is supported by the best-in-class Suppliers. AFR-IX telecom trusts on:


Routers & MPLS backbone




Access Network

Cambium Networks

Radio Access


IT security





AFR-IX Local Subsidiaries

AFR-IX Telecom has operations in more than 35 countries across three continents, and its companies export services to more than 40 countries.

The AFR-IX telecom Group comprises 17 operating companies in two business sectors: telecommunications operator and terrestrial and submarine fiber engineering and operation


AFR-IX Telecom intends to establish at its core ethical principles and codes of conduct which correspond with ethical values prioritizing human dignity and fundamental rights of the individual, as well as those of society as a whole.

Read more in our Compliance page.