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Internet Services in South Africa

AFR-IX telecom South Africa provides Internet and Data Services to Corporates and Telecommunication Operators in South Africa. With the most reliable Metro Ethernet SADC & Pan African Network, we cover all Africa continent - more than 50 POPs.

Main Telephone: +27 63 426 5857

Location: Catalonia Trade and Investment Office
3rd floor, 1 Bompas Rd, Dunkeld West,
Randburg, 2196, South Africa

SADC network

AFR-IX telecom has invested resources in having a very strong, consolidated and reliable network in the SADC (Southern African Development Community) area.

  • One of the main competitive advantages over other ISPs in SADC region is AFR-IX telecom's presence in West Africa.
  • It means that through managed services, we can assist small to large businesses connect with their entities in West African countries.
  • AFR-IX telecom has more than 20 POPs only in SADC region.
  • It has also 2 local subsidiaries - South Africa and Zambia - on this territory.
SADC network

Our portfolio

IP Transit Service provides access to the internet using Full BGP Routing with a non-oversubscribed, high-speed, low-latency and protected against DDoS attacks.
DIA service provides access to the Internet with a non-oversubscribed, high-speed, low-latency and fewer-hops connection for your African sites.
The AFR-IX L2 and L3 services allows you to connect your African sites through the AFR-IX MPLS Network with a wide variety of solutions according to your needs. Our infrastructure provides a Cisco backbone.
IPLC service allows your company to connect African sites with a point-to-point private line with guaranteed bandwidth and deterministic latency. AFR-IX owns a network reaching Europe from the heart of capital cities in Africa.
The SD-WAN Service provides the logical construction of a L3 Virtual Private Network that... Operates over one or more underlay connectivity services: Ethernet, IP, L1,…
Volumetric DDoS Shield service protects your Client’s network from Volumetric DDoS attacks, that is, attacks focused on causing congestion by sending so much traffic that it overwhelms the bandwidth of the site.
We provide fully managed services to African operators and global companies. Also, AFR-IX telecom provides hosting and housing services in the main African cities as well as European PoPs, providing a secure and reliable hosting location for content and servers fulfilling harbor policies.
AFR-IX network provides secure and cost-effective Layer 2 connectivity with the largest cloud providers as ASW, Microsoft Azure, Oracle, Google Cloud Platform or Soft layer. AFR-IX telecom also provides infrastructures to let your company easily develop new income flows like domain management and web hosting through MyAfribox.

The most reliable internet services in South Africa

AFR-IX telecom South Africa is your partner that looks after your communications and advises you with the most suitable option. At South Africa, we are committed to:

  • Developing high quality Access Networks to spread Radio and Fiber services in the country.
  • Delivering First Class and Innovative services as we are aware of the needs and high requirements of clients.
  • Providing the best quality and reliable service in South Africa.
  • AFR-IX telecom South Africa is part of the group that has more than 25 years of experience after working in the main European telcos.

The team

AFR-IX telecom staff  work every day from African and international offices, with dedicated engineering, technical delivery and commercial teams.

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Siyabulela Tembani, Business Development & Services Manager

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Craig Young

Craig Young, Business Development & Services Manager

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