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SISCO Sierra Leone

Internet Service Provider in Sierra Leone

SISCO is not just an Internet Service Provider company that provides IP services to Corporations and SMBs in Sierra Leone: SISCO is your partner that looks after your communications and advises you with the most suitable option.

Main Telephone: +232 78 022 276

Location: 6th Floor, Auroel Building, 22 Lamina Sankoh Street,
Freetown, Sierra Leone
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 08:00 - 17:00

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Our portfolio

The SISCO DIA service provides access to the Internet with the highest performance and the highest quality in Sierra Leone. We will build a high-speed and high-availability access to the Internet through the most cost- effective option (radio or fibre).
The SISCO MPLS service provides connectivity between your sites with a wide variety of solutions according to your needs. Our infrastructure provides a Cisco backbone developed and maintained by Cisco Certified Engineers. Therefore we can develop complex architectural engineering solutions: point-to-point, hub-and-spoke or a full-mesh network. SISCO is the best option to carry your mission-critical data: sensitive financial data, confidential information, corporate applications, critical information backups, VoIP traffic and so on.
SISCO Managed Services provides fully managed services to Multinationals and SMBs in Sierra Leone. We take full advantage of our Cisco Certified Engineers’ knowledge and our extensive experience with many telecom operators. At SISCO, we understand that how we do things is every bit as important to our clients as the things that we do. So, we’re always flexible, always available, and always positive. Going the extra mile doesn’t even come close to describing it. More than an SLA, it’s a state of mind – constantly checking that we are doing everything within our power to help our customers. Whatever it takes, is what we do.
SISCOBox provides a platform to Telcos and ISPs to offer Internet Value Added services to your users. SISCO has done all the tasks to let you sell, provision and bill the service in a very few time to market. SISCO lets you offer a pure innovation new service with the best hosting in Africa. Users can allocate their data near their homes and feel high and redundant connectivity with our servers.

Why choose us

SISCO is an ISP that provides IP services to Multinationals and SMB’s in Sierra Leone. We are committed to:

  • Developing high quality Access Networks to spread Radio and Fiber services in the country.
  • Delivering First Class and Innovative services as we are aware of the needs and high requirements of clients.
  • Providing the best quality and reliable service in Sierra Leone

SISCO is part of AFR-IX telecom group that has more than 25 years of experience after working in the main European telcos.

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The team

Over the past decade, SISCO has evolved from a mare software developer in the Sierra Leone ICT industry to a leading provider of web technologies to executive/high profile home clients to corporate institutions all over Sierra Leone.

SISCO is a registered Internet Service Provider headquartered in Freetown with more than 30 employees across the fourteen districts of Sierra Leone.

The exponential growth of connected devices, emergence of social media, analytics, and cloud computing (SMAC) are all resulting in a major transition in the way enterprises engage with technology. Both developed and emerging economies are looking to innovation in technology.

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Mo Fofana, CEO

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Jenni, Sales Agent

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Kekura, Technician

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