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AFR-IX telecom delivers telecom services to local sites in Africa. By integrating operations, managed services and strategy, our pioneering methodology allows the set up of a complete IT infrastructure to all entities based on the continent.

Thanks to our own network, we control the quality and standard of service of your business. For this reason, we teailor our service portfolio to the requirements of each of our clients.

Let us help your business to get strong connectivity in Africa.

The service

The AFR-IX L2-L3 service allows you to connect your African sites with a wide variety of solutions according to your needs.

Our infrastructure offers a Cisco backbone developed and maintained by Cisco Certified Engineers. Therefore, we can develop complex architectural engineering solutions: E-Line, E-Lan, E-Tree and IP VPN.

AFR-IX telecom manages orders using a one stop shop method: you order points in different countries and AFR-IX care of the connection effectively.

Basic Features

Technical Specifications

  • Layer 2 o Layer 3 connectivity through the AFR-IX MPLS Network
  • Secure, reliable data transmission
  • Flexible topology
  • Circuit termination with POPs in Africa
  • Re-routing capacity
Interconnection Capacity Class of Service
ENNI (External Network Interface) UNI (User to Network Interface) N x 1Mbps N x 10Mbps N x 100Mbps 1Gbps Gold / Silver / Bronze / Best Effort

Main Benefits

1. More cost effective than IPLC

2. Secure, reliable connectivity

3. Low latency

4. Ready to fit your network topology

5. Fully managed end-to-end dedicated circuit

6. Service Level Agreement to guarantee fulfilment and assurance processes

7. Scalable bandwidth from 1Mbps to 1Gbps

8. Local POPs with capacity to re-route traffic

The service

The AFR-IX SD-WAN service provides the logical construction of a L3 Virtual Private Network that:

  • Operates over one or more undelay connectivity services: Ethernet, IP, L1,…
  • Forwards traffic based on Application Flows, that is, IP Packets that match a set of criteria depending on application and location.
  • Adapts how packets are forwarded based on the assignment on policy and the real-time performance of the underlying network components.
  • It is easily delivered, managed and monitored.

SD-WAN Provisioning

SD-WAN Management

SD-WAN Monitoring

AFR-IX SD-WAN is Zero-Touch Provisioning: only connect the CPE to the WAN port and it will self-authenticate and receive information for self-provisioning.

The AFR-IX SD-WAN can be configured over the Console: you will be able to deliver network services with a few simple clicks.

The AFR-IX SD-WAN can be monitored from the Console. You will receive real-time end-to-end information about applications and infrastructure across the entire AFR-IX SD-WAN.

Main Benefits

1. All bandwidth available for you (nonoversubscribed)

2. Upload and download at the same capacity (symmetrical)

3. CPE managed by our Cisco Certified engineers

4. Scalable bandwidth from 2Mbps to 10Gbps

6. Centralized and Simplified Management: the Network is configured by software though a simple dashboard

7. Better analytics: you can easily monitor all your Network from the Dashboard

8. Network independent from transport technology: the Network management doesn't mind about technologies over it is built

The service

The AFR-IX DIA service provides access to the Internet with a nonoversubscribed, high-speed, low-latency and fewer-hops connection for your African sites.

We handle the process with the local African operator and we supply and manage the CPE to monitor the circuit. We prioritise networks with the AFR-IX IP transit service to ensure top quality.

AFR-IX telecom manages orders using a one stop shop method: you can order points in different countries and AFR-IX takes care of the connection effectively.

Basic Features

Interfaces and Capacity

  • Dedicated, non-oversubscribed and symmetrical internet access
  • Managed CPE
  • Proactive monitoring service
  • OSPF routing configuration
  • IPv6 native or dual stack (IPv6/IPv4)
  • IP addressing: static or dynamic
  • 24/7 Customer Support Centre
Interface Capacity Data Rate
Fast Ethernet 100Mbps N x 1Mbps
Gigabit Ethernet 1GbE – 1Gbps 10GbE – 10Gbps N x 100Mbps N x 1Gbps

Main Benefits

1. All bandwidth available for you (nonoversubscribed)

2. Upload and download at the same capacity (symmetrical)

3. CPE managed by our Cisco Certified engineers

4. Scalable bandwidth from 2Mbps to 10Gbps

5. Network Operations Centre (NOC) with options to set backup facilities

6. Customer Support team available 24/7/365

7. One stop shopping for your African sites

8. Consulting to help choose the best local internet provider and the best access solution.

The service

AFR-IX Managed Services provide fully managed services to global companies.

We take full advantage of our Cisco Certified Engineers’ knowledge and our extensive experience with many telecom operators.

If you are a global company, we can help you deploy your network in Africa, thanks to our local knowledge of the African continent.

Portfolio of Managed Services

  • Router Management
  • Router Configuration
  • Equipment Procurement
  • Network Monitoring
  • DDoS Advisory
  • WAN Network Implementation
  • Colocation & Housing
  • ...or tell us what you need!
  • Engineering Support
  • Onsite Installation
  • IP Address Management
  • Autonomous System Management

Main Benefits

1. Reduce complexity or network operations in African countries by introducing a single point of contact.

2. Take advantage of the AFR-IX knowledge base to improve your operations.

3. You don’t need to have technical skills. Our locally based certified engineers will do everything.

4. Customer Support Team available 24/7.

5. Excellent relationships with local telecom operators to solve your needs