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Telecommunication Operators

AFR-IX telecom delivers telecom services to local sites in Africa. By integrating operations, managed services and strategy, our pioneering methodology allows the set up of a complete IT infrastructure to all entities based on the continent.

IP transit



DDoS shield

Cloud services

Managed services

IP transit

The service

The AFR-IX IP Transit service provides access to the Internet with a non over-subscribed, high-speed, low-latency and fewer-hops connection using Full BGP Routing.

The AFR-IX Autonomous System (AS) is directly connected to African peering networks and the main European Internet Exchange Points (IX): LINX, France-IX, DE-CIX and GigaPIX.

Basic Features

  • BGP routing configuration
  • IPv6 native or dual stack (IPv6/IPv4)
  • Multiple BGP sessions on a single port
  • Link aggregation
  • Wide range of options to fulfil client needs
  • 24/7 Customer Support Centre

IP transit AFR-IX

Free Add-ons


Interfaces and Capacities

The AFR-IX IP Transit service includes for free features to give you the best service at the best price:

  • AFR-IX DDoS Shield: Black Hole service for DDOS mitigation. Automatically discarding packets to an IP address within the customer network to which the black hole community was assigned. Contact our sales representative for further information
  • AFR-IX DNS Service: AFR-IX makes its DNS Servers available to its customers for free.
  • AFR-IX Service Monitoring: you can check the status of your IP Transit service in real time.
  • AFR-IX BGP Router Services: AFR-IX will purchase, set up and manage your BGP routers if needed.
  • AFR-IX Burstable Service: you can carry traffic beyond your committed data rate.
  • AFR-IX IP Transit Backup: AFR-IX will provide a backup route for your AFR-IX IP Transit service.
Interface Capacity Data Rate
SDH STM-1 - 150Mbps STM-4 – 620 Mbps STM-16 – 2.5Gbp 150Mbps 620Mbps 2,5Gbps
Ethernet 1GbE – 1Gbps 10GbE – 10Gbps N x 100Mbps N x 1Gbps

Main Benefits

direct peering

1. A quality, highly connected and redundant solution for Africa operators: direct peering in three of the main IX (Linx, France IX and DE-CIX). These are in the heart of Europe and have excellent connectivity

top cloud

2. Top Cloud Peering: Google Cloud Direct Peering and low-latency links with the largest content providers (Facebook, Microsoft, Akamai...)

Africa's main operators

3. Access to the entire global Internet BGP 102 BGP peers, including Africa’s main operators

African clients

4. AFR-IX makes decisions on what Tier1 networks connect according to our African Clients priorities

non oversubscribed

5. Customer connections (non-oversubscribed)


The service

The AFR-IX IPLC (International Private Leased Circuit) service allows your company to connect with your clients’ African sites with a point-to-point private line.

AFR-IX manages orders using a one stop shop method: you order site points in different countries and AFR-IX telecom takes care of connecting them effectively.

AFR-IX owns a network reaching Europe from the heart of capital cities in Western and Central Africa.

IPLC diagram

Basic Features

Interfaces and Bandwidth

  • Dedicated layer 1 point-to-point connectivity
  • Guaranteed bandwidth
  • Deterministic latency
  • Always-on: Availability > 99.9%
  • Through fibre and satellite solutions
Technology Bandwidth Interface
SDH STM-1 - 150Mbps STM-4 – 620 Mbps STM-16 – 2.5Gbps Optical
EoSDH N x 1Mbps N x 10Mbps N x 100Mbps 1Gbps Optical / Electrical
PDH E1 – 2Mbps E3 - 34Mbps DS3 – 45Mbps Electrical

Main Benefits

ACE submarine

1. Access through ACE submarine cable

reliable connectivity

2. Secure, reliable connectivity

guaranteed data

3. Guaranteed data delivery and bandwidth

low latency

4. Low latency

fully managed

5. Fully managed end-to-end dedicated circuit


6. Service Level Agreement to guarantee fulfilment and assurance processes

scalable bandwidth

7. Scalable bandwidth from 1Mbps to 2.5Gbps


The service

The AFR-IX DIA service provides access to the Internet with a nonoversubscribed, high-speed, low-latency and fewer-hops connection for your African sites.

We handle the process with the local African operator and we supply and manage the CPE to monitor the circuit. We prioritise networks with the AFR-IX IP transit service to ensure top quality.

AFR-IX telecom manages orders using a one stop shop method: you can order points in different countries and AFR-IX telecom takes care of the connection effectively.

DIA diagram

Basic Features

Interfaces and Capacity

  • Dedicated, non-oversubscribed and symmetrical internet access
  • Managed CPE
  • Proactive monitoring service
  • OSPF routing configuration
  • IPv6 native or dual stack (IPv6/IPv4)
  • IP addressing: static or dynamic
  • 24/7 Customer Support Centre
Interface Capacity Data Rate
Fast Ethernet 100Mbps N x 1Mbps
Gigabit Ethernet 1GbE – 1Gbps 10GbE – 10Gbps N x 100Mbps N x 1Gbps

Main Benefits

non oversubscribed

1. All bandwidth available for you (nonoversubscribed)


2. Upload and download at the same capacity (symmetrical)

CPE managed

3. CPE managed by our Cisco Certified engineers

Scalable bandwidth

4. Scalable bandwidth from 2Mbps to 10Gbps


5. Network Operations Centre (NOC) with options to set backup facilities

Customer Support

6. Customer Support team available 24/7/365

One stop shopping

7. One stop shopping for your African sites

best local internet provider

8. Consulting to help choose the best local internet provider and the best access solution.

The service

AFR-IX Volumetric DDoS Shield service protects your Client’s network from Volumetric DDoS attacks, that is, attacks focused on causing congestion by sending so much traffic that it overwhelms the bandwidth of the site.

AFR-IX telecom will monitor the traffic received in your network, detect attacks before they reach your Customer network, separate legitimate traffic from malicious traffic and deliver legitimate traffic to the Customer. In case volumetric DDOS attack exceed our mitigation server available capacity black hole service will be implemented to automatically discard packets to targeted IP address.  You will be promptly notified by our NOC.”

AFR-IX Volumetric DDoS Shield is free bundled with the AFR-IX IP Transit service.

How it works

  1. Monitorization: AFR-IX telecom monitors the traffic received by the Client. Traffic patterns are created and alarm thresholds are configured.
  2. Detection: if any traffic exceeds the defined thresholds, an alarm is generated.
  3. Mitigation: once the attack is detected, the Client's traffic is diverted to a Mitigation Server where the malicious traffic is separated from the legitimate traffic. Legitimate traffic is routed to the Client while malicious traffic is discarded.
  4. Reporting: attacks and traffic’ are sent to the client.


Mitigation Start Time (time delayed between attack detection and mitigation start) < 1min

DDoS shield diagram


IP Transit Interfaces and Capacities

  1. Start Mitigation: the Client will be notified when an attack is detected and mitigation has started.
  2. DDoS Attack Report: the Client will receive a DDoS Attack Report about the attack features while the attack is being mitigated.
  3. End of Mitigation: the Client will be notified when the attack is finished.
Interface Capacity Data Rate
SDH STM-1 - 150Mbps STM-4 – 620 Mbps STM-16 – 2,5Gbps 150Mbps 620Mbps 2,5Gbps
Ethernet 1GbE – 1Gbps 10GbE – 10Gbps N x 100Mbps N x 1Gbps

Main Benefits

DDoS shield protection

1. Add value to your Internet access: your Users will be protected against DDoS attacks. Only if all your Internet Access are protected against DDoS attacks like AFR-IX IP Transit.

reduce congestion risk

2. Reduce congestion risk: traffic attack will not reach your border router

reduce costs

3. Reduce costs: there is no need to oversize your IP Transit service to prevent DDoS traffic flood attack.

Cloud services

The service

MyAfriBox provides an easy, plug&play and customized platform to Telcos and ISPs to offer Internet Value Added services to your users.

AFR-IX has done all the tasks to let you sell, provision and bill the service in a very few time to market.
AFR-IX lets you offer a pure innovation new service with the best hosting in Africa. Users can allocate their data near their homes and feel high and redundant connectivity with our servers.

myafribox diagram



  • Domains Management
  • Web Hosting
  • Email Hosting
  • SSL Certificates
  • Customize websites with your own corporate brand
  • Put your own servers or let AFR-IX telecom help with our local server services
  • Need help with Customer Service? Ask AFR-IX telecom to help you with anything you need.

Main Benefits for your Users

  1. Simplification contracting Internet Value Added Services
  2. Local Customer Service provided if necessary
  3. Servers are located within the User's country. Thus the information is kept inside and they can access faster

Main Benefits for Telcos & ISPs

  1. Time to market decreased
  2. Front end customized
  3. Adapted to Client's growth
  4. A new source of income generated
  5. Differentiation between Internet access service and capture high value Internet access clients.
  6. Current client base protected
  7. Brand image improved with an innovative service and a big portfolio for the African market.

Managed services

The service

AFR-IX Managed Services provide fully managed services to African operators and global companies.

We take full advantage of our Cisco Certified Engineers’ knowledge and our extensive experience with many telecom operators. If you are an African telecom operator, our goal is to share our knowledge and allow you to increase your revenue and profits.

If you are a global company, we can help you deploy your network in Africa, thanks to our local knowledge of the African continent.

Portfolio of Managed Services

  • Router Management
  • Router Configuration
  • Equipment Procurement
  • Network Monitoring
  • DDoS Advisory
  • WAN Network Implementation
  • Colocation & Housing
  • ...or tell us what you need!
  • Engineering Support
  • Onsite Installation
  • IP Address Management
  • Autonomous System Management

Managed services

Main Benefits

reduce complexity

1. Reduce complexity or network operations in African countries by introducing a single point of contact.

AFR-IX knowledge

2. Take advantage of the AFR-IX knowledge base to improve your operations.

technical skills

3. You don’t need to have technical skills. Our locally based certified engineers will do everything.

customer support

4. Customer Support Team available 24/7.

excellent relationships

5. Excellent relationships with local telecom operators to solve your needs