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News / March 26, 2024

LINX Welcome AFR-IX Telecom to LINX Nairobi


The London Internet Exchange (LINX) are pleased to announce that AFR-IX Telecom are the latest member network to join their new interconnection hub in Kenya, LINX Nairobi.

LINX Nairobi is the new, interconnected, multi-site interconnection hub in Kenya, providing future proof peering services and more for local and global networks.

AFR-IX Telecom have been long-term members of LINX in London, however as the largest Pan-African network provider, it was clear that their arrival at the newest Internet Exchange Point (IXP) in Kenya was going to be imminent.

The interconnection hub went live in November 2023 and is LINX’s first footprint in Africa, marking a significant milestone in the growth predicted for connectivity demands in the region.

The AFR-IX Telecom network continues to deliver optimum data services for both the corporate and wholesale markets to, from and within Africa. It strives to maintain a high level of services, not only based on its wide footprint but to also bring substantial resilience over the latest subsea systems coming online, together and alongside its 12 licenced subsidiaries on the continent.

Louis Carver, CCO from AFR-IX telecom says;

“We continue our quest for peering our AS60171 as we see Nairobi becoming one, if not the major hub of East Africa.

“The fact that multiple subsea fibre systems land in Kenya, this brings a plethora of opportunities to strengthen our presence and provide interactions with the growing local peering community. LINX is part of our peering network and we are confident that the interconnection with the hub in Kenya will bring great benefits”.

LINX Nairobi is accessible for networks located at 3 of Nairobi’s data centres; IXAfrica, iColo and Africa Data Centres. Networks connected into the Internet Exchange Point (IXP) from any of these locations have the ability to peer with each other, no need to be in the same data centre and no need for additional cross connects.

Jennifer Holmes, CCO at LINX says;

“We are really excited to welcome AFR-IX to LINX Nairobi. Our strategy for growth in Nairobi is to offer additional value and points of peering for our global membership, whist working with local networks and connectivity providers to improve network performance and the digital landscape moving forward as a whole.”

Find out more about LINX Nairobi here.