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News / July 3, 2024

AFR-IX telecom achieves MANRS Certification for Enhanced Routing Security

AFR-IX Telecom, a leading provider of internet and data services in Africa, proudly announces that it has received the MANRS (Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security) certification. This prestigious certification underscores AFR-IX Telecom's commitment to delivering secure, reliable, and robust IP Transit services across the African continent.


MANRS certification

The MANRS certification is awarded to companies that adhere to best practices in routing security, significantly reducing the risk of common routing threats such as BGP hijacks and route leaks. By implementing these standards, AFR-IX Telecom ensures a more secure and stable internet experience for its customers, contributing to the overall security and resilience of the internet infrastructure. The list of recognized operators, including AFR-IX Telecom, is publicly available here.

Achieving the MANRS certification is a testament to our dedication to providing top-tier security and reliability in our IP Transit services. This certification not only enhances the trust our customers have in us but also sets us apart from our competitors by demonstrating our commitment to the highest standards of routing security.Armen Durgaryan, CTO of AFR-IX Telecom
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What is MANRS certificate and why is it important?


The MANRS (Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security) certification is a prestigious recognition sought by ISPs, highlighting commitment to top-tier routing security. Despite being voluntary, it’s akin to an "ISO" certification for the BGP protocol, requiring compliance with four key actions:


- Prevent Propagation of Incorrect Routing Information

- Prevent Traffic with Spoofed Source IP Addresses

- Facilitate Global Operational Communication and Coordination

- Facilitate Validation of Routing Information on a Global Scale


AFR-IX Telecom achieved this certification in approximately 4-5 months, underscoring its dedication to secure and reliable IP Transit services. This certification, valid indefinitely with continuous compliance, sets AFR-IX Telecom apart by ensuring enhanced network security and contributing to a robust internet ecosystem.


Discover how AFR-IX Telecom's MANRS-certified services can protect your business and ensure reliable connectivity across Africa. Visit our website to learn more.