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News / August 17, 2016


What else than fibre optics can deliver triple play and high capacity bandwidth services? AFR-IX operates its network via the ACE submarine cable and aims at expanding the reach of fibre optics to the last mile access.

From any needs, we can design a deployment project, operate & maintain and audit your fibre network. Our experience and methodologies materialise the proven-track record of project delivery at the corporate, city and national level.

IP & MPLS services Triple Play Next Generation Networks Submarine Fibre Cable Systems National Broadband Networks Fibre Backhaul FTTX IP&MPLS ServicesTriple Play Strong ties with local ISPs!

A provider & partner, AFR-IX has developed strong ties with local operators and goes beyond the simple delivery of connectivity. Helping them setting up their fibre optic last mile access between the ACE cable with their core networks, AFR-IX has the expertise to intervene whether at the beginning or at the maturity of any fibre optic systems life cycle to develop, commission or operate & maintain.To corporates, public organisation and NGOs offices!

Fibre based connectivity services at your doorstep!

The benefits of installing fibre optics are numerous and with the AFR-IX ability to undertake network developments, you can ask us to manage your fibre optic network as well as your data traffic connectivity.

” Delivering security on your organisation network! ”

Delivering security on your organisation network!

AFR-IX delivers high speed connectivity with Layer 3 and Layer 2 solutions completely scalable to provide a safe, secure and private link between the partner´s offices! See our solutions to your organisation!

While AFR-IX privileges the fibre optic technology on its network for Europe to Africa, Our commercial engineers would be pleased to help you with a solution completely customizable at your request with our fibre optic services.

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Our data sheets: We offer our assistance on you fibre optic project, whether your networks is constructed or that you wish to develop one – click here for our fibre optic data sheet. We offer our assistance to connect your fibre network – click here for our dark fibre data sheet.