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News / June 15, 2021

AFR-IX telecom Cameroon has been granted a first category telecommunications license by the country’s regulator.

Cameroon's telecommunications license b

YAOUNDÉ, Cameroon – 15 June 2021 – The Agence de Régulation des Télécommunications (ART) of Cameroon has granted AFR-IX telecom Cameroon a first category license for the establishment and operation of networks for the provision of electronic communication services to the public.

The new license permits to deploy and manage a nationwide terrestrial radio network through Cameroon.

AFR-IX telecom Cameroon provides internet and data services to Enterprises, International Carriers and Telecommunication Operators in Cameroon and offers connectivity solutions to hundreds of clients.

AFR-IX telecom CEO, Norman Albi, said he was pleased at AFR-IX Cameroon’s progress: We believe in the potential of Cameroon’s telecommunications industry, and therefore, we have identified it as a good place to invest in. The awarding of the licence further builds our confidence in this particular market, he said.

AFR-IX telecom holds licenses in Spain (CNMC electronic and submarine), Portugal (Anacom), USA (FCC), South Africa (ICASA), Nigeria (NCC), Ghana (NCC), DRC (ART), Mali (ARCEP), Burkina Faso (ARCEP), Sierra Leone (NATCOM), and now, Cameroun (ART).