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News / June 26, 2018

AFR-IX telecom brand is celebrating this month 5th years of business.

In the last 5 years, AFR-IX telecom has grown from inception to an internationally recognized supplier of DATA MPLS and IP transit to local sites in Africa.

Company COO, Miguel Angel Acero remarked: “We have achieved this milestone through the hard work and dedication of our team and our culture of customer service that exists throughout the company. Over the years, not only under AFR-IX name, we have been committed to deliver industry best services and numbers demonstrate that”.

This achievement is based on some important data: nowadays, employees from 10 different nationalities are part of the company, with multiple offices opened in Africa. Our female representation is steadily increasing: 30% of all staff members in AFR-IX telecom are women, 10% more in less than a year.

Also, the company has increased its presence: from an initial POP in Lisbon to 4 POPs in Europe and 23 in Africa. In 2013, from multiple 1Gb interfaces to multiple 10 Gb interfaces everywhere.

These numbers follow Africa’s connectivity trend beating Nielsen’s law by large: User’s bandwidth grows by 50% per year.