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News / August 7, 2016

We act as a single point of contact for telecom operators. In this alignment, AFR-IX can provide you with the solution sought after.

  • Ability to link services in countries with poor infrastructure but with high growth
  • Wider network coverage
  • Single portfolio of services
  • Unified operations and customer service
  • Peering agreement giving access to West & Central African markets
  • Getting revenues from customers that would not be accessible otherwise.

One Stop Shop in West & Central Africa!

With the expertise on both markets, having a foot on European ground and another foot on African ground enable the company to become a bridge between the different requirements and business models that characterise both continents. Likewise, AFR-IX has become a welcomed partner to ISPs and global wholesale providers!

To discover the range of our services, visit our connectivity services and our managed services.

Alternatively, you can contact us to find the perfect connectivity to your activity. In that sense, AFR-IX is very flexible in combining different services together. Indeed, AFR-IX can call to its extended network of partnerships to guarantee you with security, privacy, redundancy and a fast connectivity.