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News / December 4, 2019



Enterprise customers will benefit from managed SD-WAN services

The telecommunications company AFR-IX telecom has recently joined ngena – the Next Generation Enterprise Network Alliance – as a new alliance partner.

By joining ngena, AFR-IX telecom will deliver global SD-WAN services (Software Defined Wide Area Networks) to its enterprise clients. ngena will take advantage from AFR-IX telecom high level connectivity services in Africa in order to serve the alliance partner’s customers.

Dr Marcus Hacke, founder and managing director at ngena: “We are proud to include AFR-IX telecom in ngena’s partner alliance and to leverage the strong network of AFR-IX telecom throughout the African continent. We are also looking forward to developing the SD-WAN business together in this region. AFR-IX telecom will leverage the ngena platform to make modifications and updates for customer networks at the click of a button, meaning that users can optimise their network architecture, reduce costs and seamlessly monitor their networks.”

According to Reina Borjas, Corporate Key Account Manager, “It is really excited to be part now officially of the ngena’s partner alliance! We have been working hard for months to make this happens! In AFR-IX telecom, we are more than confident this new partnership will be super beneficial for both companies, in order to gain entry to new markets, and business opportunities. The future is just right next to the corner and we needed to take these strategics actions understanding advantages of using SD-WAN. Definitely, this is the next generation, and commercially speaking, it is good to be prepared for it.”

ngena allows companies to benefit from network services around the globe based on the partners’ networks forming the alliance. The partners that join ngena share their networks and know-how using cloud and virtualization technology to provide a truly global SD-WAN. This allows multinational clients members of the alliance to have a global network secure, easy to use and stable.


Advantages for customers

  • RELIABILITY: redundancy mechanisms at backbone and access level
  • COVERAGE:  currently, ngena offers its services in ca. 200 territories worldwide.
  • QUALITY: running state-of-the-art Cisco-Viptela technology in data centers strategically located worldwide
  • SIMPLICITY: easy management of the network


Ngena was founded by Deutsche Telekom, CenturyLink, Reliance Jio and SK Telekom in early 2016, and since its official announcement at the Mobile World Congress in February of that year, ngena has grown with more than 25 strong international partners around the globe joining the alliance