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Facts / April 29, 2020

Internet in hotels

As technology continues to evolve, sectors and industries in different countries all over the world are changing and adapting to meet consumer needs and expectations, which are evolving just as rapidly. There is no denying the fact that technology has already had a particularly significant impact on Africa’s hotel and tourism sectors. The question is, what advancements can we expect in the future? And is any prediction too ‘far-fetched’ at this point? We highlight a few insightful and whimsical predictions below.

‘Pop up’ hotels

The emergence of 3D technology, and the continual progression of nanotechnology in general, means that temporary ‘pop up’ hotels could very likely become a reality in the near future. This concept would operate by tourists and travellers investing in a hotel for a specific period of time, all the while having full control over the precise location of the hotel and its overall design and functionality.

Transforming hotels

Transforming hotels would be similar to the ‘pop up’ hotels as mentioned above. The difference here would be that these hotels would have a permanent location. However, those staying in the hotels would still be able to alter their shape and design according to their unique needs and preferences. Once again, this would likely be achieved through advanced nanotechnology.

Hotel booking avatars

While patrons can already use the internet to make hotel bookings, browse, and compare deals, the expected hotel booking avatars of the future will take this one step further. These avatars will essentially act as digital software agents that will handle the full booking process from start to finish. Similarly to Apple’s ‘Siri’, each individual’s hotel booking avatar would have the ability to communicate and negotiate across all phases of the booking and planning journey. 

Full-service eco hotels 

With ‘sustainability’ remaining a dominant trend across numerous sectors and industries across the globe, it is unsurprising to discover that most experts predict the development of full-service eco hotels in the future. These hotels would prioritize energy saving in every possible way. For example, they would power their interiors by purchasing and selling energy from the global Renewable Energy Source. They would also place a stringent focus on using eco-safe cleaning products, all the while ensuring a zero balance of emissions containing carbon dioxide and other harmful chemicals.

Virtual reality hotels

In the future, hotels will be geared towards providing an experience rather than just a comfortable place to stay. Virtual reality hotels will essentially be 50% physical and 50% virtual, perfectly tailored to each guests’ preferences. For example, a guest would be able to go on a Namibian dune safari without leaving the hotel itself, or to venture into a fantastical world with plenty of adventures to embark upon. These virtual reality hotels would be certain to result in substantial savings for travellers, allowing them to do more with what they have.

Looking at the ‘now’

There certainly is plenty to look forward to from a technology perspective in terms of the hotel and tourism sectors in Africa. However, while it is important to plan ahead, it is also important to focus on meeting the expectations of consumers in the ‘now’. Hotels and businesses involved in tourism need to ensure, specifically, that they are consistently connected to their consumers in real-time. Hotels, in particular, also need to ensure that their consumers are able to connect themselves as required during their stay.

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