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Facts / October 11, 2019


Why Modern Companies in Africa Thrive Through a Digital Culture


The business world, or rather the world in general, is being taken over by digital. Everything that we do in our daily lives, both at work and at home, has become digitised and/or automated to some extent. This should mean that tasks and responsibilities become easier to manage, more streamlined and faster to complete. The truth is, however, that digital transformation cannot promise improvements unless the people involved in the process are ready, willing and able to embrace this change.

Ultimately, your business cannot and will not transform until your people do. This is the main reason why modern companies throughout Africa need to put more focus on fostering a digital culture in their teams. It is this culture that will bolster the success and progress of the company’s overall digitisation.

Below, we discuss a few tactics for creating this all-important digital culture within an African business of any size or type.

  • Invest in Education

Many people are resistant to change because they fear the unknown. It is part of human nature to instinctively prefer to stick with what we know. One way to counteract this is by ensuring that your teams are thoroughly educated in terms of all things digital. If they understand it, they cannot resist it. Investing in the right education can truly make a world of difference when it comes to encouraging your employees to welcome and embrace this new way of doing business. From hosting workshops, calling on experts to train your team and signing them up for online courses, there are countless options available to you in this regard.

  • Keep an Open Door

Make sure that your employees know that they can come to you with any questions or concerns throughout the digital transformation process. It is also important that you not only make the effort to listen to their ideas and suggestions, but also that you take them into consideration when it comes to making decisions going forward.

  • Take Risks

All African businesses are in the same boat in terms of embracing new technology. At the end of the day, you will not know if something works for your business unless you put it to the test. Do not be afraid to try new things – some will fail and some will succeed. It is all part of the process. And, it is essential that your employees are aware of this. Create a culture of finding your feet together, rather than pretending to know it all or steering clear of things that you do not understand.

  • Create Diversity

You may find that younger employees are all about the digital transformation – they may even be the catalyst behind it. However, many employees from older generations may come across as resistant to the idea. The secret to helping all employees, regardless of age, navigate their way through this change is to create diversity in your teams. Each generation has its own strengths and knowledge, and a team that consists of people from each one is sure to maximise its potential. Everybody within that team can learn new things from each other and uplift one another in areas of weakness. A strong team is a diverse team!

  • Get Involved

In order to pull off a digital transformation seamlessly, the business owner will need to be readily involved in the process from start to finish to providing guidance, moral support and leadership. While it is important to encourage teamwork, it is even more important to model it.

Once you have your employees on board to optimise these positive changes, you are sure to see your business soar. For information and assistance in the realm of technology for better business, do not hesitate to contact the experts AFR-IX Telecom today![:]