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News / January 13, 2021

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AFR-IX telecom applies a Criminal Compliance and Anti-bribery Program

AFR-IX telecom is fully committed to promoting a true ethical business culture that reaffirms its commitment and demand for all members of its Organization to comply with and respect both the law in force in its broadest terms and more specifically at the criminal level, and the provisions of its Compliance Program, implemented as early as 2016.

As a result of the development of the group’s companies and the evolution of legislation and compliance policies, as well as the willingness of the company’s partners to carry out ethical and compliance management, they have decided to add an Anti-Bribery Program to their Criminal Compliance Program. At the same time, they have decided that both are certifiable and therefore this document has three objectives:

  1. To provide the company AFR-IX telecom, based in Spain, with a Criminal Compliance and Anti-Bribery Program.
  2. Begin implementation at the headquarters and activities in Spain, so that this experience is useful for subsequent implementation in all subsidiaries.
  3. That both programs are certifiable.

In order to achieve these three objectives, the Manual of Criminal and Anti-bribery Compliance was prepared to replace the previous Manuals and their annexed protocols and was drawn up in accordance with the international standards ISO 19600:2014 and UNE 19601/2017, as well as UNE-ISO 37001:2017.

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