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News / August 1, 2019

Hello DRC!

AFR-IX telecom has recently opened a new branch office in Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of the Congo), the third largest city of the continent, and more importantly for us, a city in a country where internet access is frustratingly slow and difficult to get. This corporate expansion positions AFR-IX telecom as the best alternative to meet the connectivity needs of West Africa.

With this new office, AFR-IX telecom completes a list of 6 offices around the globe: Spain (HQ), Burkina Faso (M’DATA telecom), Sierra Leone (SISCO), USA, Senegal and DRC (COMTECH).

COMTECH – – was born and created by a local partner in Kinshasa in September 2014. AFR-IX telecom and COMTECH, which vision is the same, become partners in the earliest of 2019 with the objective to improve telecom services of Corporates in DRC. COMTECH, that has maximum national coverage, offers IP services to Multinational and SMBs in the country.

Among the portfolio of services, COMTECH offers Dedicated Internet Access presenting the best internet quality, MPLS that allows to interconnect two sites (internationals and/or nationals) with a reliable network and Broadband VIP for residentials that don’t want to have cuts on the network and wants to have high speed internet. COMTECH advises the companies in their choices of telecommunications services.

COMTECH has the same philosophy and values as AFR-IX telecom, standing out among other Congolese companies for their guaranteed SLAs, an engineer team of CISCO certified, NOC 24×7, live service monitoring, etc.

COMTECH offices are in 8778 WAGENYA, 13e Niveau, Nº 1302, Immeuble CTC, Gombe / Kinshasa, RDC. If you want to request a quotation, you can call at +243 817 380 350 or send an email to