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News / February 6, 2020

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[:en]At AFR-IX telecom we are proud to announce the constant improvement in the AS rank position at CAIDA’s ranking. In less than 12 months, AFR-IX telecom has risen more than 200 positions out of a total of 66,935 companies, ranking 807 with a cone size of 37 (number of direct or indirect clients).

This persistent improvement at the CAIDA’s ranking of Autonomous Systems (AS) and Organizations is a reflection of the good reception that AFR-IX telecom has in the market, with more and more companies that rely on us to provide IP Transit services.

The Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis (CAIDA) uses publicly available BGP data to rank ASs peering according to the number of ASs that can be reached recursively through their customers and their customers’ customer.

Peering is an arrangement for Internet Traffic Exchange between networks. Peers add value to a network by providing access to users on their own network. It also allows access through the other networks witch which they peer.

Peering allows a reduction in transit costs between different networks. It also reduces latency, local connectivity and increased redundancy and operation stability.

AFR-IX Telecom strives to play a substantial role in maximizing connectivity throughout Africa with a focus on connecting countries via submarine and terrestrial cables. For more information regarding what we do or about African coverage in general, be sure to contact us, or browse our website.[:]