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News / September 8, 2021

AFR-IX telecom continues to strengthen its peering network in East Africa with a new peering connection at MOZ-IX


Throughout 2021, AFR-IX telecom has been expanding its peering network with determination. A few months ago, it announced the agreements reached with Asteroid Mombasa Internet Exchange Point (IXP) and KinIX (Kinshasa Internet Exchange Point). This endeavor to strengthen Africa’s connectivity continues at the beginning of this new season with a new AFR-IX peering point at its IXP network: MOZ-IX (Mozambique Internet Exchange Point).

With this, AFR-IX telecom, a company that provides Internet and Corporate Data Services to Enterprises and operators in more than 35 countries in Africa, reinforces its Pan-African Network, which currently has six IXPs or Internet exchange points in Africa: NAPAfrica (South Africa), IXPN (Nigeria), DjIX (Djibouti), Asteroid Mombasa IXP (Mombasa, Kenya), KinIX (Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo) and the recent incorporation of MOZ-IX (Mozambique).

Commitment to the Southern African Development Community

The activation of MOZ-IX demonstrates AFR-IX’s commitment to the Southern African Development Community (SADC), a grouping of 15 African countries founded in 1980 to promote socio-economic development through efficient productive systems.

In this sense, MOZ-IX, located in Maputo, will contribute to the progress of the region, since it is a strategic IXP for the interconnection of local ISPs and for the global connection of the East African region with international networks. In addition, AFR-IX telecom offers the guaranteed capacity to provide a global ICT offer for local operators, ISPs, global carriers, governments and other users. All this, with efficiency: cost-effective, robust and low-latency.

Craig Young, Business Development Manager of AFR-IX telecom South Africa, pointed out the desire to further strengthen the company’s peering network in Africa: “With the addition of MOZ-IX, our peering network on the African continent continues to grow, as we are responding to the present and future connectivity needs of Africa. We want to continue adding IXP points on the continent”.

Pan-African Network

Beyond East Africa, AFR-IX’s Pan-African Network currently offers an excellent network of Internet Exchange Points to cover a large part of the African continent: Nigeria (West Africa), South Africa (Southern subregion), Democratic Republic of Congo (Central Africa) and Djibouti + Kenya + Mozambique (East Africa). All these points are connected to the main exchange points in Europe and America.