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News / April 21, 2020

AFR-IX telecom is delighted to announce the launch of its brand-new website. The company has worked hard to have its new website completely redesigned to provide high level of user functionality and experience to its customers in Africa. 

The new site aims to highlight all AFR-IX telecom’s services and values and has been designed to offer an ultimate user-friendly experience with improved navigation and functionality while allowing users to see all of our footprint while representing the brand image in a modern and strategic way.

The new website provides users with a clean layout, simple navigation structure and user-friendly features. Thanks to its easy to navigate design, users can know who is AFR-IX telecom, its Metro Ethernet Pan African Network, FAQs, history and values, as well as knowing deeply who is behind the success of the company, thanks to the new Executive Team page. Users can also easily contact the all the different subsidiaries that AFR-IX telecom has around the world.

The new website has been designed with updated content. It is also fully responsive, which means it can be easily browsed across a multitude of devices, including desktops, laptops, mobile devices and tablets.

Norman Albi, CEO of AFR-IX telecom, said: “We are really pleased with our brand-new website, which now, more than ever will help to our customers to check out our Pan African Network up to date. To assist, the new website includes a FAQs portal, Customer Support numbers of different countries and direct Access to Zabbix, where customers can check the status of their networks.