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News / April 15, 2020


AFR-IX telecom, a Telecommunication Operator delivering State of the Art Internet and data services to corporates, carriers and Telecommunications operators in Africa, announces the connection of its global network to the Internet Exchange Point of Nigeria (IXPN), located in Medallion – Lagos, the largest carrier-neutral centre in Nigeria.

The IXPN provides a platform that allows several Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and network operators in Nigeria to exchange traffic between their networks by means of peering agreements based of transparency and confidentiality.
Connecting to IXPN reduces internet transport costs and network latency and it ensures faster access to local content as traffic is exchanged locally. An added value of an Internet exchange is in encouraging a maximum number of local ISPs to connect across the IXPN peering points.

“With this new peering, AFR-IX telecom customers now have access to direct local connectivity to ISPs, content and application providers to support the uptake of social media, e-commerce, online music, games and videos, etc. in Nigeria. It also improves latency times and reliability for all our customers” said Miguel Angel Acero, AFR-IX telecom VPO.

AFR-IX telecom is active member and connected directly to

✓ France-IX (Internet Exchange in France)
✓ LINX (London Internet Exchange)
✓ DE-CIX (Deutscher Commercial Internet Exchange)
✓ GigaPIX (Gigabit Portuguese Internet eXchange)
✓ NAPAfrica (Internet Exchange Point of South Africa)
✓ IXPN (Internet Exchange Point of Nigeria)