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News / January 16, 2019

While still organising this new year of 2019 and assimilating what the future holds for us, at AFR-IX telecom we have begun to introduce the eTOM (Enhanced Telecom Operations Map), a Business Process Framework that allows the categorisation of all the business activities of a company in the ITC (Information Technologies and Communications) sector and the improvement of all the internal operations.

The eTOM is a standard maintained by the TeleManagement Forum, one of the most important and influential organisations in the worldwide ITC sector.

The eTOM model will enable further integration of AFR-IX telecom’s company strategy, operations and management processes, assisting communications with the different stakeholders, both internal and external. With this implementation, AFR-IX telecom will consolidate its excellence level. It will also provide a neutral benchmark for:

* Attending to internal process reengineering needs
* Setting up companies
* Forming alliances
* Establishing general working agreements with other companies

One of the advantages that eTOM offers AFR-IX telecom is the ease with which it will be possible to integrate commercial applications into the company at a lower cost than with custom-made applications.