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News / June 19, 2018

AFR-IX telecom, who delivers IP Transit and Data MPLS solutions to local sites in Africa, has added additional peering points at GigaPIX in Portugal.

GigaPIX is an Internet Exchange Point, a neutral point of traffic exchange between organizations, that allows multiple IP networks to interconnect more efficiently. GigaPIX improves the quality of IP network interconnections in Portugal and prevents the usage of international transit links for traffic with local scope.

AFR-IX telecom has existing peering with the following exchange points: LINX (London, UK), DE-CIX (Frankfurt, Germany) and France-IX (Paris, France).

Reducing latencies for AFR-IX’s customers globally and proving a better end user experience are the main drivers for connecting to and IXP. It makes AFR-IX’s IP network more robust and reliable.