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Offer more Added Value for your Business Internet customers

MyAfriBox, the white label platform

Increase your revenues with MyAfriBox, the white label platform

MyAfriBox provides a customized white label platform to offer Value Added services to the internet users. 

MyAfriBox lets you offer a pure innovation new service with the best hosting in Africa. Users can allocate their data near their homes and feel high and redundant connectivity thanks to our servers. 

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Offer value-added for your users

  1. White label platform = 100% Customizable
  2. Simplification contracting Internet Value Added Services.
  3. Local Customer Service provided if necessary. 
  4. Servers are located in South Africa. Thus the information is kept inside and they can access faster.


  • Domains Management
  • Web Hosting
  • Email Hosting
  • SSL Certificates

Why this is a great offer for your company?

  1. Time to market decreased
  2. Front end customized
  3. Adapted to Client's growth
  4. A new source of income generated
  5. High value Internet Access clients offered
  6. Current client base protected
  7. Brand image improved for the South African Market

Who is AFR-IX telecom?

AFR-IX telecom is a licensed Internet service provider that delivers Internet and data services to Enterprises, International Carriers and Telecommunication Operators in Africa and offers connectivity solutions to more hundreds of clients. 

  • The largest panafrican network
  • Large presence in West Africa
  • More than 50 POPs in Africa
  • 14 local subsidiaries and licenses operator
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