mercredi 23 janvier 2019

(English) Meet Norman Albi at GCCM in London

mercredi 16 janvier 2019

(English) AFR-IX telecom follows eTOM operating model

lundi 3 décembre 2018

(English) Louis Carver’s interview at Africa Com 2018

mercredi 10 octobre 2018

(English) Second year attending Capacity Europe

lundi 1 octobre 2018

(English) Find AFR-IX at OilComm 2018

mardi 25 septembre 2018

(English) New submarine cable between Annobon and Sao Tomé

jeudi 6 septembre 2018

(English) Louis Carver is speaking at Capactiy Africa 2018

mercredi 22 août 2018

(English) Flowmon & AFR-IX telecom

mardi 3 juillet 2018

(English) AFR-IX telecom is attending West Africa Com in Senegal and Subsea EMEA in France

mardi 26 juin 2018

(English) AFR-IX telecom brand celebrates 5th Anniversary

mardi 19 juin 2018

(English) AFR-IX telecom expands global IP network coverage with a new connection at GigaPIX

mercredi 6 juin 2018

(English) Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon are now more connected

lundi 28 mai 2018

(English) Norman Albi attended the Subregional Conference on Digital Economy for Central Africa in Yaoundé

mercredi 23 mai 2018

(English) The first meter SAIL cable between Kribi and Fortaleza

jeudi 26 avril 2018

(English) AFR-IX telecom is going back to ITW in May

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