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Project Timeline

How AFR-IX telecom come to be here?

In progress…

• Member of Asteroid Mombasa IXP • Member of KINIX (Kinshasa)

Barcelona Cable Landing Station was born

• Barcelona Cable Landing Station launched • Subsidiary in Cameroun • Subsidiary in South Africa • Member of NAPAfrica • Member of Djibouti IX • Member of IXPN (Nigeria) • New POP in the Americas: Equinix IX Ashburn

New regional offices in West Africa

• AFR-IX telecom Ghana • AFR-IX telecom Nigeria • AFR-IX telecom Côte D’Ivoire • AFR-IX telecom Mali • AFR-IX telecom Niger • COMTECH DRC was born • Member of DE-CIX • More than 50 POPS (annual growth rate >100%)

New offices in Africa

• SISCO (Sierra Leone) was born • M’DATA telecom was born • Members of GigaPIX and DECIX • + 10G international traffic • Operator license for submarine cables

AFR-IX telecom company was born

• AFR-IX telecom was born • First peering: France-IX

Holding structure company

• Holding structure company (Zunder Systems S.L.), under the laws of Spain • POP in Paris

First POPs

• First NNI with International TIER • POP in London • Google Connection at Lisbon

AFR-IX telecom project started

• Incorporated in 2013 • Telecommunication license since October 2013 (Anacom – Portugal)