Our Security Solutions

Security Solutions

In an era where threats to security are more present in telecommunications, deploying the right set of tools to efficiently prevent and detect faults on the network is an essential solution for guaranteeing complete protection.

WHY AFR-IX Telecom:
  • AFR-IX has security engineers with hands-on experience in working on Fortinet and other software platforms.
  • AFR-IX delivers secure connectivity in West and Central Africa for banks, governmental bodies and international organisations that rely on a private infrastructure.
  • Protection service in a one-stop shop, AFR-IX unifies quality standards, giving an equal SLA and accommodating security measures across all African sites.
  • AFR-IX Telecom provides you with the necessary expertise and hardware on the ground to set up and continue to maintain all IT equipment.
  • AFR-IX integrates your needs and shapes the solution accordingly. AFR-IX strives to provide you with tailored customer support that is contactable at all times in order to meet the needs of your African delegation.

Bringing Africa

Closer to you

AFR-IX Telecom provides and enhances connectivity in West and Central Africa, with countries connected by submarine cables.

How it works:

  • Just name what services would you like to have aggregated to your connectivity circuit to AFR-IX Telecom.
  • As a turnkey solution, from a request, we give you the infrastructure all set up, wherever your site(s) in West & Central Africa

Hardware based protection

For prevention
AFR-IX team up with Fortinet to deliver best in class firewall hardware.
  • Fortinet firewalls

AFR-IX uses next generation firewall capabilities to incorporate intrusion prevention, application control, and anti-malware to the traditional firewall-VPN combination with stark result by:

  • Adopt a granular control and monitor users and devices
  • Detect and identify attacks or threats with strong intrusion prevention further than port and protocol that analyse the content of the network traffic.
  • Work a step ahead to detect malicious code seeking entry to your network.
  • IPS - ISD

Software based protection to complement our connectivity offering.

Software based protection are used by AFR-IX to provide detection measures to its network. Like our engineering and NOC teams having the ability to pinpoint any sources of fault and implement the right actions, we let you the choice to go one extra-mile and select one or a bundle of security features to for an enhanced security delivery:

Our software services for detection:
  • Network & server monitoring:
    AFR-IX can monitor packet loss, response time and performance indicators from all sorts of devices such as routers, switches, servers and VMs.
  • Bandwidth analysis:
    On top of our standard platform to monitor traffic consumption from our customers, we can add options such as NetFlows, sFlow, jFlow, IP FIX, etc. and shape the Traffic.
  • Firewall Log Management:
    This service enable the collection, analysis of firewall logs for security and compliance. Fix security loop holes in the blink of an eye.
  • Configuration management:
    To backup, push and revert configurations from web GUI. Receive notifications for unauthorized changes.
  • IP Address & Switch Port Management
    For the management of IP addresses and to make up some space and availability. Track switch ports and all the devices connected to it, constantly.
  • Fault management:
    Set multi-level thresholds to get notified of faults at various stages via email and SMS.
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