Make connectivity easy and simple with this Layer 3 service. IP VPN connectivity by AFR-IX is ideal for organisations that traditionally rely on IP SEC. Whilst applying a VPN on IP SEC can provide relative security, it cannot beat the IP VPN solution for security, efficiency and privatisation. Our servers and routers deliver content from Africa and not from Europe.

Bringing Africa

Closer to you

AFR-IX Telecom provides and enhances connectivity in West and Central Africa, with countries connected by submarine cables.

Round Trip Delay


The MPLS IP VPN service delivers full privacy and complete security for your network using AFR-IX‘s MPLS-based backbone to provide optimised speed and simplicity. This private connectivity between multiple points in a network and the MPLS IP VPN service allows your organization to have peace-of-mind when undertaking sensitive activities requiring inter-office communication such as:

  • Mission-critical Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Quality videoconferencing and Voice-over-IP (VoIP)
  • Appropriately used email and web-based applications
  • Better fit in speed, scalability and Quality of Service (QoS) management and traffic engineering on your network

How it works

Aimed at replacing IP SEC, AFR-IX offers this solution for budget sensitive organisations that traditionally rely on IP SEC and apply VPN for Internet access.

Bundled services are available including Direct Internet Access, Cloud Computing, and Content distribution. Just let us know how many offices you need connected. It’s as simple as that.

Its benefits:

This IP VPN switched EoMPLS solution allows scalability and therefore suits organisations requiring pricing flexibility for their IT allocated budget. In addition to the ability to downgrade or upgrade your network, contracting AFR-IX’s switched Ethernet guarantees that your connectivity is run according to best practice and is:

  • able to accommodate all protocols.
  • robust with hard proven resiliency by way of backups, constant monitoring and fault detection and repair protocols.
  • able to transport data with high reliability with a MTU size up to 9600.
  • fully MEF compliant.
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