AFR-IX delivers dedicated Ethernet circuit, commonly called International Private Leased Circuits for Ethernet Point to Point connectivity between
  • Just indicate your sites to be connected, we offer the shortest path possible for a circuit with optimum latency.
  • AFR-IX connect your sites by Ethernet over SDH thanks to the pluri-locations of its ADM, sitting alongside the MPLS Africa nodes, making possible the traffic from 2 Mbps of up to Gbps.
  • AFR-IX delivers an SLA and inform with a strong customer service advocacy, the status of the network to ensure the best visibility to its Customers.
This conduit of data access allows organisation to allow business critical operational information stored in distant data centres, video conferencing and other systems of telecommunication capability to be accessible to all their sites wherever their locations.
Connect any African site to any African site via an Ethernet link ensures rapidity and privacy as well as a secure conduit!

Bringing Africa

Closer to you

AFR-IX telecom provides & enhaces connectivity in the West Coast & Central part of Africa with countries connected by subsea cables.

Round Trip Delay


  • AFR-IX Telecom is Number 1 when operating Telecom services in West & Central Africa
  • AFR-IX is entrusted to deliver qualitatively connectivity in a tailor-made fashion in remote locations
  • AFR-IX Telecom harnesses the potential of all great actors involved in the West & Central African telecom ecosystem
By bridging fibre networks and assembling different technologies, AFR-IX can offer IPLCs at competitive prices throughout Africa, specifically in the West and Central areas.

How it works

Aimed at replacing IP SEC, AFR-IX offers this solution for budget sensitive organisation that traditionally relies on IP SEC and apply a VPN on this Internet access.

The value given to you

Beyond IPLCs, AFR-IX can upgrade your network to MPLS using your current IPLC services and widen the network architecture with minimal efforts thanks to the CISCO infrastructure. In all case, we bring values to your service:

  • Local engineering & Technical support team on the ground.
  • 24/7 NOC (Network Operating Centre)
  • Gold QoS and SLA attributed to you as associated values to our service.
  • Primary and Protection access types as wide as fibre, radio carrier grade and Vsat.
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