Our Services

AFR-IX - IP Transit IP Transit Service provides access to the Internet using Full BGP Routing with a non-oversubscribed, high-speed, low-latency and protected against DDoS attacks. The AFR-IX Autonomous System (AS) is directly connected to African peering networks and the main European Internet Exchange Points (IX).
AFR-IX - IPLC IPLC service allows your company to connect African sites with a point-to-point private line with guaranteed bandwidth and deterministic latency. AFR-IX owns a network reaching Europe from the heart of capital cities in Africa.
MPLS VPNs, E-Line, E-Lan & IP-VPN The AFR-IX L2 and L3 services allows you to connect your African sites through the AFR-IX MPLS Network with a wide variety of solutions according to your needs. Our infrastructure provides a Cisco backbone developed and maintained by Cisco Certified Engineers. Therefore, we can develop complex architectural engineering solutions: E-Line, E-Lan, MPLS and IPSec IP VPN.
AFR-IX - DIA The AFR-IX DIA service provides access to the Internet with a non-oversubscribed, high-speed, low-latency and fewer-hops connection for your African sites. We handle the process with the local African operator and we supply and manage the CPE to monitor the circuit. We prioritise networks with the AFR-IX IP Transit service to ensure top quality.  
Managed Services and Colocation AFR-IX provides fully managed services to African operators and global companies. We take full advantage of our Cisco Certified Engineers’ knowledge and our extensive experience with many telecom operators. AFR-IX provides hosting and housing services in the main African cities as well as European PoPs, providing a secure and reliable hosting location for content and servers fulfilling harbor policies.
Cloud Services & IaaS AFR-IX network provides secure and cost effective Layer 2 connectivity with the largest cloud providers as ASW, Microsoft Azure, Oracle, Google Cloud Platform or Softlayer. AFR-IX also provides infrastructures to let your company easily develop new income flows like domain management and web hosting.
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