DIA – Direct Internet Access

What is the Direct Internet Access (DIA)?

Having the possibility to run web-based applications in a reliable and efficient fashion requires a premium service that guarantees to support those business-essential applications. The AFR-IX direct internet access (DIA) is a premium service that will pledge your company with the best possible solution to access online real-time business information. Likewise, the AFR-IX’s DIA solution give you a personal and tailored & on-demand internet access with maximum efficiency for you to run:

  • Video & video conferencing
  • Cloud services
  • High bandwidth & rich multimedia demand
  • Data centralization usage

AFR-IX does not cut corners regarding your speed of connectivity and network performance!

The global spectrum of the AFR-IX DIA

The extensive peering agreements and the geographical key location of the AFR-IX internet exchange points reinforce the reliability and speed of your Direct Internet Access everywhere from West Africa to the rest of the world.


Bringing Africa

Closer to you

AFR-IX telecom provides & enhaces connectivity in the West Coast & Central part of Africa with countries connected by subsea cables.

Round Trip Delay

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