African Coverage

Bringing Value added services

Beyond African connectivity

Whether you are after a specific Telecom service or a complete African IT infrastructure, the combined methodology, local footprint and the network of partnership gives the edge to AFR-IX Telecom in the provisioning of a solution that matches the resilience, security and speed needed for your entity to perform excellently within the Africa landscape...

  • Systems and local African network

Connecting your African structure with connectivity is one aspect, AFR-IX Telecom goes beyond by providing African solutions to your African sites.

  • - Pan African network
  • - Local Area Network
  • - Point to Point connectivity

Case studies

  • - The case study of Banks.
  • - The case of Hotels

Interconnectivity between your African sites at the local, national and regional level.

Beyond international connectivity, AFR-IX Telecom provide national, metropolitan and regional area ToIP
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