African Cloud Plataform

Cloud Exchange

Cloud VPN is the new AFR-IX solution in West and Central Africa. Aimed at helping African structures access via the AFR-IX IT platforms, business and organisational critical Software & tools to run their activities from local servers to maximise quality of service.

The Cloud formula offered by AFR-IX gives access to convenient, on-demand network access to a vast platform of configurable online resources with value added options such as networks, servers, storage, applications, and services.

Bringing Africa

Closer to you

AFR-IX Telecom provides and enhances connectivity in West and Central Africa, with countries connected by submarine cables.

Why AFR-IX Telecom

AFR-IX has designed the networking and computing infrastructure accessible from organisations and companies present in West and Central Africa. Accessing IT tools that can run your entire operations, from logistics to accounting is now permissible and at low costs.

  • African ability of Scale and deployment up & down
  • You can add new features and functionalities
  • Constant access of a Cloud in Africa
  • A reduction of costs

How it works

AFR-IX Telecom has modelled its Service delivery and can tailor its offering according to the Customer´s requirements. Hence, AFR-IX is nimble enough to integrate a solution and complement any IT infrastructure.

  • List your offices, just plug them to our MPLS network
  • You can rely on connectivity with our Layer 3 IP VPN for a solid infrastructure
  • No need of complexed security features, your connectivity is secure and private
Via Direct Internet Access
  • While we also provide dedicated internet access with full contention, meaning that you pay exactly for what you get, we recommend a firewall solution to access our cloud content.
Two models of operations to share information among your sites:
  • AFR-IX builds your network infrastructure and managed it, a dedicated site can be chosen to install the hosting units.
  • AFR-IX connects your offices via VPN to our Cloud exchange, here we give you the dedicated connectivity or the Layer 3 IP VPN access and grant you access to operational tools via the cloud exchange from AFR-IX.
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