Making MPLS networks possible

AFR-IX - Network
One Stop Shop in West & Central Africa!
7 August, 2016
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Making MPLS networks possible

AFR-IX - Network

The next generation network of AFR-IX is one of the many efforts of the company to bring best telecom technologies to Africa and thus generate the means for a fast and reliable connectivity to millions of persons in the present and the future.

A service for Corporates but also ISPs, the MPLS service materialise the AFR–IX overall endeavour to establish a network of partnerships of corporates and ISPs in Africa, harmonised by an MPLS system.

AFR–IX is keen on promoting such enactment with its consultancy service making you jump the step from a IPsec connectivity to a fully meshed MPLS enabled system between your offices in & out Africa.

Quick facts:

  • Delivers Quality of Services to West & Central Africa
  • Work hard to promote MPLS based technologies to our local partners
  • Ensure a SLA of best telecom stantards

    With the latest generation MPLS technology based network, the AFR–IX connectivity input in the African telecom ecosystem is materialised in guaranteeing a fast, secure and private connectivity that can reach all corners of the world with the peering agreements that AFR–IX enjoys with global tier 1 operators.

    Not just an MPLS backbone network!

    Faithul to its definition of a One-Stop-Shop in West Africa, AFR–IX has the ambition to further develop and extend its network with ever changing latest technologies such as with the incorporation of LTE, WIMAX, Vsat… In that spectrum, AFR–IX is ready to partner with further-looking mind to carry on the innovations on African grounds!

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