Our Services

AFR-IX - Ip Transit An IP Transit for the Africa customer base, the service is content rich and follows the preference of the population with diverse peering agreements. Value-added services for security are Eavesdropping - data modification Attacks -Identity - spoofing (IP address spoofing) - Password based; Denial-of-service; Man-in the-middle; Compromised-key; Sniffer and Application-layer attacks.
AFR-IX - IPLC A network reaching Europe down to the heart of Capital cities in the Western and Central parts of Africa, our IPLC circuits are qualified Pan-African where AFR-IX telecom can effectively connect all African sites each other and to the rest of the world.  
AFR-IX - L2 and L3 Our unique selling proposition is a CISCO MPLS network connected to the international infrastructure on one hand, based on special partnerships with diverse submarine Fiber systems and key strategy partners harnessing the required capabilities in terms of infrastrucutre access, work ethic and discipline. We operate for an all Fibre MPLS network only 2 miles from the African Customer with 100% availibility of Traffic.
AFR-IX - DIA AFR-IX telecom is the right partner to choose for any international groups with aspirations to provide their African branches with a robust internet access where often, AFR-IX telecom is the IP Transit provider to the country.  
AFR-IX - Managed Services AFR-IX Telecom engages local companies of high standards in Africa to develop local IT solutions to effectively offer one global solution in a tailored fashion. Whether your needs are for collocation, housing, WAN or LAN network implementation, on fully managed services AFR-IX telecom is your World to Africa integrator.
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